Getting tools for the first time is always exciting, especially if you have just bought your first house and you want to start some DIY projects. It is always a fun time, because you get to see how many exciting things you can create. However, a lot of people forget to take the proper precautions when they are buying, storing and using their tools.

For example, wood working tools are very easy to spoil, especially if you have been using and storing them incorrectly for a long time. During the first year or so, you will not notice many changes to the tools. However, they will eventually start to rust, which is when they stop working correctly.

But you can avoid all of this by storing and maintaining them properly:

Storage –

Always make sure your tools are kept in a safe place. Set aside an area in your shed or garage where you can keep your tools whenever you are done using them. It is a good idea to keep tools in separate locations so they do not contact other items, because this can lead to premature rusting. Also make sure the room that hosts these tools does not have too much moisture. If you are keeping them in the house, your central heating/air conditioning should take care of this. Tools like biscuit joiners will require much more space than your basic tools.

It is possible to buy a dehumidifier for your garage if that is where you are intent on keeping the tools.

Maintenance –

In terms of maintenance, you want to ensure your tools are always clean. If you just completed a tough wood working job, then you want to clean your tools at the end of it. Do not put the dirty tools away, because you are just letting other elements come into contact with the tools for far too long.

For those individuals who own power tools, you also want to make sure that they are properly lubricated every few months.